Battle brewing between Nollywood actors Gideon Okeke and Chiwetalu Agu

Battle brewing between Nollywood actors Gideon Okeke and Chiwetalu Agu

- Two Nollywood actors are at each other's neck over working ethics of Nollywood actor Chiwetalu Agu

- Tinsel actor Gideon Okeke attacked veteran Nollywood actor in a post on social media saying he often uses vulgar language

- In response, Chiwetalu Agu said he doesn't know Gideon and his claim is baseless

Gideon Okeke and Chiwetalu Agu

Gideon Okeke and Chiwetalu Agu

Gideon Okeke is a Nollywood actor who has captured the hearts of many playing Phillip Ade Williams in the Nigerian movie series Tinsel. The young actor is one of the buzzed about stars of the series and lives up to that reputation with his dangerous handsomeness.

Few days back, Gideon blasted veteran Nollywood actor Chiwetalu Agu over his use of vulgar language in his movies. In the post, he accused the actor of using obscene language and urged the National Film and Video Censors Board (NFVCB) to do something about it.

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Chiwetalu Agu, a veteran Nollywood actor who has been in the acting industry for decades then responded to the accusation. Stating frankly that he doesn't know who Gideon is and that everyone is entitled to his own opinion.

He said: “Anybody can say anything or come to whatever conclusion they please. The viewers would judge whether I use vulgar words in movies or not. People who watch movies are the ultimate judges. I do not even know who Gideon Okeke is; I do not think I have ever heard his name."

Chiwetalu Agu and Gideon Okeke

Nollywood actors

"If people like AMAA are talking to me about this, I would know how to react appropriately. But this is an individual I do not even know. He has his own style, and I have mine which has won me awards all over the continent and even beyond. This is the first time anyone will be accusing me of vulgarity."

"Others have been hailing me. What we do is satire; we are re-enacting what happens in the society. People I have encountered and those who have called me have been full of praise for me. It will also interest you to know that I am the highest award-winning actor in Africa."

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"I have 47 awards to my name, and the second person behind me has not even got up to 10 awards. Two years ago, I took two cows to church to celebrate and thank God for giving me the highest number of awards in Africa. Secondly, I have done 727 productions."

"It is a rare record in Africa. I am also the current holder of the Best Veteran Actor award which was given to me in U.S. People like Olu Jacobs and other time-tested Nollywood practitioners were nominated for that same award but I was chosen. My record is the best in all ramifications."

"I have spent about 35 years in the movie industry, and I am a big pillar of Nollywood. Even former President GEJ confessed about 3 years ago that whenever he travels out of the country, foreign leaders ask after people like me, Jim Iyke, and Genevieve Nnaji."

"Because of that, he put N3bn into Nollywood. It goes without saying that I am very big in Nollywood. I am a father, legend, and icon.

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Wow! How is that for a clap back?


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