I am still the AGN president – Ibinabo Fiberesima

I am still the AGN president – Ibinabo Fiberesima

Following the murder case before Nollywood actress Ibinabo Fiberesima, another faction of Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) said she is no longer the president of the association.

I am still the AGN president – Ibinabo Fiberesima

Ibinabo Fiberesima

In an exclusive interview with NAIJ.com Entertainment, the beautiful mother and ex-beauty queen sheds light on why she is still AGN president. The actress is also alleged to have seven children, she spoke on the number of children she has and many more.

Aside acting what else does Ibinabo Fiberesima do?

If you say acting, I don’t really act except for 76 lately but there are so many more coming out. I’ve set up my company, DPT media we are doing production and there are so many things involved. There are so many innovative ideas that I have that are new to Nigeria and I will introduce them as time goes by.

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Some of your colleagues when you are the AGN president…

(Cuts in) I’m still the AGN president. There have not being a new election and we are in court over it so I am still the AGN president.

Most veteran actors are really down health wise, what is AGN doing about this?

It’s hard because with the past government it was easy to reach out and get help but with this new government it’s not easy. It’s not that they won’t help if we try and reach them but it’s a longer process. We still say to our veteran actors, we must learn to start to look after ourselves. I have uncles, aunties that are old, they are not sick because they live well. I keep telling people, we have abused ourselves in our industry because we work so much there is no break, no time out so we will break down one day. And our lifestyles do not help us, we drink, drink and drink we don’t care what we drink as long as it is alcohol. We need to stop for a minute and remember that we have a life like every other human being. Being celebrity does not make us supernatural. We should start to look after ourselves so that we can live long. When you get to 40, my dear, start to go to the hospital.

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I am still the AGN president – Ibinabo Fiberesima

Ibinabo Fiberesima

You are one AGN president that has been able to bond warring actresses and actors together. How have you been able to do this?

Yeah, because the only reason they don’t talk to each other are because of rivalry and what people say. So I just try to teach them love you first and we must love each other and thank God they all listen.

Should we be expecting a movie or a book from your prison experience and other experiences so far?

My story is ongoing. If I start to shoot film or write a book it will be so long so let’s just glorify God.

How have you been able to reinvent yourself over the years and still remain relevant?

My dear, my first son’s father used to tell me that Ibinabo, when you have God you will always be relevant. And anytime he says that I wondered but now I understand it. My son is 19, 20 something years later it makes sense.

Ibinabo is being said to have five some said ten children. How many of these children are your biological children?

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All of them, na me born them. You know people just write anything they feel like writing. I love children so when they write these entire figures I give glory to God.

So how many of them are you biological children?

The one I born are three, the others I adopted. I gave birth to two boys and a girl.

We see another side of you in 76? How did you get into character in that movie?

Working with Rita Dominic and Ramsey Nouah you must try and be like them or better than them. You can’t see a Rita in that state and you go and be a chicken, you have to try and help her so that she can shine. She is an actress after my heart and she brought out the best in me though I didn’t show so long.

How have you been able to keep this fit at 44?

I don’t know but they say there is a gene in my father’s family. My grandmother, the Majekodunmis, is forever young so I think I caught that gene so thanks pops.

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