Here are 6 oyinbo wedding ideas that will fail in Nigeria

Here are 6 oyinbo wedding ideas that will fail in Nigeria

Our white wedding traditions were introduced by the oyinbos: from the white dress to the veil and the cake and the wedding train and many others.

However, here are six major traditions that just can't happen in a Nigerian setting:

1. The Bachelorette party with male dancers.


The bachelorette party usually involves the bride, her friends and her fiance's female relations and perhaps his mother going out to party. The ladies will even organise entertainment for you or take you to one of the strip clubs.

In Nigeria, your mother-in-law will most likely not be there and she will definitely not want to see you do any nonsense like that in her presence. Nigeria doesn't even have male strip clubs like you think, so o.y.o. (on your own) will be your case. You will just take a quiet bridal party, sleep and then go and marry.

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2. Use a man as your chief bridesmaid.


It's possible for those abroad to choose a male person (brother, best friend, etc) to act as their chief bridesmaid. He will still wear a suit but he will also carry out all duties of holding her train and taking care of her in general.

In Nigeria, women have only recently manged to wear suit and act as a groomsman but you won't catch a man doing what he believes to be 'a woman's job'. Even if your family accepts it, people will make a mockery of the wedding and be sure to nitpick.

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3. Preserve the wedding cake for years.


Sometimes, the wedding cake is preserved in a refrigerator for years after the wedding, When alcohol is used in the cake, it will be edible for a long period and can be kept for the couple's first child to eat it.

In Nigeria, PHCN can't support your marriage to that extent. The light will come and go, your generator can only do so much and you will be luckily if the cake even lasts a month in these situations.

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4. Throwing the wedding cake on the bride.


Old white wedding traditions had people throw the wedding cake at the bride for fertility and other good things.

In Nigeria, after you have paid thousands for make-up, thousands for the dress and thousands for the cake, you can never try such a thing.

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5. The 'blackening' of the bride and/or groom.


The bride is kidnapped by her friends and taken to a remote area to have dirty things such as rotten food, tar and others thrown on her. It is to prepare her for anything in marriage.

The last thing a Nigerian bride wants before her wedding is to have filthy things thrown on her. It will ruin her mood, make-up and she will end up with a bad attitude. So even her friends would not dare do such to her. The groom may have a laugh but the bride will not be so happy.

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6. Throwing rice on the couple after they are married.


The oyinbo will throw rice as a sign of good luck and just to celebrate your union. In Nigeria, where the recession is dealing with us, no one will waste rice it on you. It will be used as jollof rice and served at the reception but never will it be wasted on your body- NEVER.


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