speaks to Soma from Big Brother Naija speaks to Soma from Big Brother Naija

We recently had the opportunity of speaking with Soma Anyama from the Big Brother Naija house and he shared previously unknown details about his life. speaks to Soma from Big Brother Naija

Big Brother Naija's Soma

He revealed how he feels about his fellow contestant Gifty and his plans for the future.

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Excerpts below:

On whether he was faking his actions in the house:

"No, it’s not an act. I am very real all you saw in the house was the real me. Yes I had to improvise sometimes but it was me all through."

What was his strategy going into the house?

"My strategy was to observe everybody’s strategy and counter it."

On his skills as a graphic artist and musician:

"I am a musician and graphic artist. Basically I love everything that has to do with art. So doing art, it is easy for me to flow. I produce music and I am also a model. So anything art, you would find Soma in it."

On getting named as an ambassador for Payporte:

"I would have thought Payporte would wait till the end of the show to pick an ambassador but by God’s grace, I was chosen. So I’m basically a model for them." speaks to Soma from Big Brother Naija

Soma with's Abisola Alawode during their interview session.

On the moral value of Big Brother Naija:

"The moral value of Big Brother Naija in my own opinion is to showcase the culture of Nigerians. I think this particular edition got it right because they actually picked talented people to be in the house. This show shows you how talented Nigerians can be. That is the essence of Big Brother."

On whether he has made the N25million since he left the house:

"No I haven’t. But I’m hustling, I must make that money. No time to rest at all."

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On Gifty’s eviction:

"I have no bias for Gifty. I’m indifferent to her eviction. I’m not happy she’s out. In fact, I love everybody in the house equally. I jus wish say dem fit give all of us N25million equally make we dey go house. I liked Gifty, she is a nice person. I don’t know if anything will happen outside the house but it depends on God."

Watch Soma reveal more intimate details about himself below:


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