Meet the 'Elephant Man' who found love online

Meet the 'Elephant Man' who found love online

Angie Richards is the pretty wife to Brian Richards, a sufferer of the ‘Elephant Man’. The couple met on a dating site seven years ago and Angie says said his deformities never put her off.


Brian and Angie Richards.

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From the age of 3, Brian as diagnosed with Proteus syndrome and so far in his life, he has undergone 41 surgeries which have left him unable to work. He was bullied at school by classmates and frightened potential girlfriends.

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His luck took a turn for the better when he met Angie. Angie said: "From his dating profile picture, I could tell he had something wrong but didn't know what it was, nor did I care; disease and handicap, doesn't scare me."


Brian suffers from a disease called Proteus syndrome.

"Brian is very caring, loving man, early on in our relationship he drove three hours for my daughter's birthday and even made her a woodwork penguin toy. He can't change his condition and didn't choose it to happen, it was just luck of the draw."

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Brian concluded: He said: "When people meet me they normally like me for who I am, but don't like how I look. But with Angie, she cares about the beauty inside not what's on the outside."


The couple have been dating since 2010 and are celebrating their 4th wedding anniversary this year.

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"Before her I didn't have a lot of emotions. I had to shut down to protect myself but now I'm learning to be able to talk about problems and tell her when I'm in pain."

Isn't true love just grand?


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