Teebillz details why Nigerians need to know more about depression

Teebillz details why Nigerians need to know more about depression

- Many people still don’t know that depression is a major ailment that can lead to danger if not well treated

- Teebillz has come out to ask those with symptoms to seek help

- The music executive shared his own story with depression to encourage people to discuss depression more

Tunji Balogun aka Teebillz, husband of popular musician Tiwa Savage went through a lot in 2016 but thanks to prayer and the intervention of a few close friends, he is doing better now.

He and Tiwa Savage went through a messy split that was very public but they have both sheathed their swords and are back together. Many rumors flew around as to why the couple were even fighting in the first place but little did NAIJ.com know that Tunji was dealing with some major issues of his own.

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Teebillz details why Nigerians need to know more about depression

Teebillz with life coach Lanre Olusola and his son Jamil

He recently spoke in a recent interview about how he battled suicidal thoughts, alcoholism and depression and if not for his counselling sessions and prayer, something else would have happened.

Excerpts below:

What are the symptoms of depression?:

For me, the awareness comes from your state of mind and I can actually only speak about my own experience. You start losing interest in a lot of things; your normal daily activities and things you do. Sometimes it's difficult for you to sleep, concentrate and it has different stages, depending on how deep it gets. The honest truth is that there's a lot of people out there that I know are depressed and a lot if people don't know that they are depressed. That's the sad part. You just see people; I mean from behavioral patterns, you can tell if someone is depressed. And sometimes depressed people can cover up to be the happiest people around. From my experience, it got to a point I didn't want to be around people. I just wanted to be alone. I was so messed up in the head that I wasn't myself. So not being myself, I didn't want to be around no one and would be by myself a lot of times or I'm just trying to use things to get away in my own head. Alcohol can be one of those things that people run to, which was my best friend at one point in life. It was the only 'person' I trusted to get me going. It's a difficult thing I must admit, he told Linda Ikeji.

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When did he start having suicidal thoughts?

I think before 3-4 months before my incident. Everyone around me that are the closet people to me, they knew it. I even had a conversation with them that "Hey, I don't know what's wrong with me. I just feel like killing myself." The people close to me didn't know what to do, they were not informed or educated about it. For me, I can understand their mindset now. Yeah prayers will do it's part but it's not based on prayers only. You have to go get the medical treatment that you need and prayer can be the one to support it. Everyone that knows me know that I love myself. I don't think anyone loves their self like I do, my confidence level was on 150%. I was fearless.

What was the major cause of his depression:

It's just the toxic environment. Do you know living in this environment is very toxic? This Naija, this Lagos that we stay in. A lot of times of times, if you are not disciplined, you would end up being a product of your environment. The company you keep can also be influential. Like that's why right now I'm just me. I do have friends but I'm my own best friend right now.

How did he seek help?

Two years before my incident. I went to this same person, Mr Lanre Olusola. When I started feeling, it wasn't there yet. I just knew that something is wrong with me and I needed to see someone. I actually went to him, had a couple of sessions and had to travel to the states, where I actually went to see someone over there. The only difference is that Mr Olusola is someone that lives here, understands my culture.

Teebillz details why Nigerians need to know more about depression

Tiwa Savage and Teebillz when they announced they were expecting a baby

His relationship with God affected and how has he restructured his marriage

At the end of the day, you have to put everything in God's hands and not live like you created yourself, you do what's right and God sees your heart first. God sees my own heart and I can only speak for myself. My heart is God and with God. I put Him first now. Before it was me doing things in my own power. As a Man, it's your responsibility to lead your family to God. That's your responsibility, to lead your family in God's way; I'm not a perfect being. We are bound to sin, bound to make mistakes and it's just your heart as it's your motives that God sees, not your act from my own understanding.

NAIJ.com hopes that people learn from Teebillz’ story and seek help if you have the symptoms mentioned above.

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