Nigerian lady weds her British husband in UK

Nigerian lady weds her British husband in UK

A Nigerian lady just got married to her British beau in a lovely ceremony in the UK.

Love does not judge based on the colour of the skin but looks at the content of the heart. This is the case with an interracial Nigerian couple who just got married.

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The man, Massimo, is British while the Igbo lady, Caroline, is Nigerian. Facebook user Efcc Chiko posted the photos from their white wedding ceremony on his page. Politician Hon. Kelechi Nwogu and some others were present at the wedding.


The couple: Caroline and Massimo just had their white wedding ceremony in Coventry, UK.

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He said: "Congratulations! Congratulations! Hon Kelechi Nwogu, Victoria Nwokocha Chikeka and others attend the wedding of their younger sis, Caroline and Massimo at Conventry, UK."


Beloved bride: A lady kisses the blushing bride to show her some love.

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Politician Hon. Kelechi Nwogu (extreme right) and others.

"Congratulations! Kudos to them."

Watch the video below of asking Nigerians what happens when the wife earns more than the husband:


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