Jailed beauty queen Joy Ugwu speaks from prison

Jailed beauty queen Joy Ugwu speaks from prison

- Beauty queen, Joy Ugwu who is Miss Asaigbo has been arrested for her alleged involvement in fraud

- She reportedly duped two people of the sum of over N7 million

- She has now spoken from prison saying that the claims against her are false

Days ago, NAIJ.com reported that beauty queen Joy Ugwu, who is Miss Asaigbo, was remanded in Kirikiri prison in Lagos due to allegedly duping some people over N7m.

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Now, the beauty queen has spoken from prison to discuss claims made against her in hopes to clear her name. She said: “I didn’t create the ‘Me and You scheme’, I was just a participant like her (Oby). Do I look like someone who can do so, when I have not finished studying my Accounting?”

“When they told me to pay up, I was reluctant because I didn’t see any crime in the scheme. I can only be guilty if I created the scheme, which I didn’t. I told them that I could only pay back if they try to get the person I paid to, one Emmanuel Madu. I paid him two million naira. I showed them the transfer record, it is a recycled process.”

"When I got to court, I was arraigned for N2m while I was arrested for a charge of N7m. I intend to battle this when I regain my freedom.”


Joy Ugwu during her coronation in 2016.

Over the alleged fraud charge which her accuser Nwogu said, she denied its truth. She said : "On the day I was arrested, I confronted him, asking if he knew me before, but he didn’t. So, how did we do visa business? They were all participants in the Ponzi scheme. He happened to be on the losing side. Oby had vowed that she was going to deal with me if I don’t pay up because she is connected to the high and mighty.”

"They said something about the money in my account. The money belongs to people and I have paid them back. I don’t have any money to pay anybody.”

Despite the charges against her, it seems she is still liked by those in the prison. An anonymous inmate told the Saturday Sun: “She is a nice girl. I don’t think anybody has any complaint about her.”

Mike Akubueze, the organiser of Asaigbo pageantry also said he will not dethrone her. In his words with Saturday Sun: “What she did was her personal business. She didn’t commit crime with Asaigbo. We are not involved with anything she does with her personal life. She is 18 years. We don’t monitor our queens.”


Joy is yet to be released on bail.

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"Joy didn’t commit any crime. Everybody did MMM, including even me. So, she is entitled to do a personal business. We won’t dethrone her. Until the case is concluded, she is still Asaigbo queen. Even after that, we would undertake our own investigation.”

Joy is yet to be released on bail.

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